OG Bambino : “When we play at our best, we can beat any opponents”

Tyler « Bambino » Jay is born in United Kingdom. Since January, he acts as VALORANT analyst for OG Esports. The team finished the last split of French League at the 3rd-4th place.

You’ve been a part of OG since January 6th, what impresses you the most in the roster since you’re there?

For me, the most impressive thing about this team is the work ethic. When we bootcamped in Portugal before the VRL split we would do 8/9 scrims a day plus server time. Very few other teams are willing to put that much work and commitment into improving OG has made it through VRL France playoffs last split, the team was outstanding and showed that you can fight against the best in the league. What are your goals for the upcoming split? Our goal is to win and prove that we can be the best team in France. We know within the team that we have what it takes to be champions. All the pieces are there, it’s just putting them together now.

What do you think was your best asset who made you win some maps against top teams in the VRL like BDS, Vitality and Sector One?

I believe this team excels in the macro game, being able to think strategically. A lot of our wins against top teams were the result of well executed game plans and strong set piece plays that we can use to punish our opponents. We’re also a very structured team, lots of protocols and set reactions, it all comes from good productive server time and everyone on the team is contributing.

What do you think is good and what miss in the game of OG to be at the maximum of your level?

The only thing stopping us from reaching our max level is consistency. When we play our best we can beat any opponent, it doesn’t matter who they are. The issue is making sure that we can always perform our best. Of course, there are a lot of factors that affect consistency, but I think confidence and preparation are the main two. Trust me, when we hit our max level consistently, there will be no stopping us.

Do you have something to say to everyone who supports OG and wait for you guys to show what you’re able to in the second split?

Honestly the support so far has been amazing. I always keep my eye on the flowerhouse discord (OG fan discord) they’re always cheering us on and it’s really motivating to know there are people not just in France but all over the world watching our games and wishing us the best. I would just say thank you so much for the unconditional support so far and I hope we can bring home some more wins next split for you guys to celebrate.

What is the role of an analyst?

My role as an analyst is pretty interesting. The job really can be broken down into two parts. The first is tracking and gathering data from our scrims. I can then use this data with the coach to identify any weaknesses in our game and create plans to improve them. The second part is scouting our opponents. I first gather as much data as possible about a team, then I carefully watch all of their VODs and take notes, looking for tells or things we can exploit. I then write all of this up in a report and present it to the team, we then discuss the game plan and make sure we are fully prepared.

I would love to say thank you to Bambino who gave me from his time to answer my questions.