Sources: ALTERNATE aTTaX signing ex-PENTA players

According to multiple sources, former PENTA players Fabian “HighKitty” Schultze, Konstantin “McKonstin” Helm and Nico “xanarchy” Janssen will be joining the German esports organization ALTERNATE aTTaX. The three former PENTA players will be accompanied by former Geekay Esports player Roberts “rAsk” Ribakovs and former Gamerland Outlaws player Kevin “Barcode” Bana.

ALTERNATE aTTaX, formerly known as Team ALTERNATE is one of Germany’s most infamous esports organizations. The organization was founded in Linden, Germany in 2003. The team has had many well known German players in its past iterations, from current BIG VALORANT player Gob B to current BIG CS player Krimbo. ALTERNATE aTTaX is currently only active in Counter-Strike, having previously had rosters in Apex Legends and DOTA 2. Their entrance into VALORANT would be their first entrance into a new esports scene since 2019.

McKonsti and HighKitty both used to play for Naughty Evil Owls, who eventually went on to get signed by German esports organization FOKUS in early 2022. The two players were quickly picked up by PENTA and went on to qualify for VRL DACH Relegation where they beat SPARX and qualified for the VALORANT Regional League DACH.

Xanarchy started his VALORANT journey with FACT Gaming, he went on to join multiple free agent rosters until finally being signed by Cowana Gaming in November of 2021. In March 2022 he would transition to PENTA where he won the first split of Project V and qualify from VRL DACH Relegation.

rAsk is a former Counter Strike player, in VALORANT he played for the infamous free agent roster MJAOMODE and would later be picked up by IVY. He went on to play for the Emirati team Geekay Esports.

Barcode was apart of the popular Hungarian free agent roster Need More DM who would in January 2021 be signed by HEET. The roster would leave HEET in late 2021 and return to their old name Need More DM before qualifying for VALORANT Regional League: East where they would be signed by Gamerland.

The team will be playing in the upcoming second stage of VALORANT Regional League DACH.

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