Sources: Crazy Raccoon trialling current streamers Seoldam and Rion

複数の情報源によると、元Northeption所属選手であり現在Crazy Raccoon所属のストリーマーであるSeoldam選手、同じくCR所属ストリーマーであるrion選手の2名がMunchkin選手の穴を埋める形でCrazy Raccoonの練習に参加しているようです。 両名のうちSeoldam選手がより頻繁に練習に参加しており、情報源によると上記2選手以外とのトライアウトもこれから行われるようですが、Seoldam選手がロスターに加入する可能性は非常に高いと思われます。

Translation by @Wolfram on Twitter

According to multiple sources, former Crazy Raccoon player and now current content creator for the organization Hiroto “rion” Tateno and former NORTHEPTION player and current content creator for Crazy Raccoon Park “Seoldam” Sang-min have been practising with the organization in former IGL Byeong “Munchkin” Sang-Beom’s place on the roster. Out of the two, Seoldam has practised the most with the roster. More trials are according to sources coming, but Seoldam could have a high likelihood of joining the roster.

Seoldam is best known as the Korean Jett player. Being known internationally for his unique playstyle of the agent in VALORANT. He would boost a massive social media presence thanks to his unique VALORANT montages and clips. He would join the Japanese esports organization Northeption which boosted his popularity even more. Seoldam currently has the following 100k on Twitter, 130k on Twitch and 260k on Youtube.

Through the offseason, Seoldam trialled for a lot of organizations, from Japanese to North American but never found the place where he felt at home. Joining Crazy Raccoon would mean he will join the same organization as his close friend Astell is playing for in VCT Japan 2022.

After disappointing runs in Masters 2, 3 and Champions 2021. Crazy Raccoon has decided to rebuild their entire roster and only keep Neth and re-sign Munchkin from the original roster. Additionally, have they added former Blackbird Ignis player Popogachi and former Northeption player Meiy.

Crazy Raccoon will play in the Japanese VCT circuit and hope to make a return to Masters with the changes they have made both in roles and players. They hope to defeat the best teams in Japan and secure their spot for the next Masters event.

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