A new Japanese super-team is on its way. 

日本で新しいFAチームが編成されようとしています。Overwatchで活動していたPirateFlagコーチを筆頭に元Overwatch、Apex LegendsプレイヤーであるDummy選手、元FortniteプレイヤーであるarcKite選手とKimmy選手、元Counter-Strikeプレイヤーであるguin選手、最後に元Lightspeed Esport所属のプレイヤーであるYoshii選手、以上6名は「Westception」としてVCT Japan Stage 2に参戦し実力を示します。

A new free agent team has been formed in Japan, led by former Overwatch coach Cullan “PirateFlag” Smith. The team’s name is Westception and consists of former Overwatch, Apex Legends pro Tim “Dummy” Olsen, former Fortnite players “arcKite” and “Kimmy”, former Counter-Strike player Kiyota “guin” Guilherme Tadashi de Loundres, and former Lightspeed Esport player “Yoshii”. The roster is set to compete in the next VCT Japan Open Qualifiers and look to prove themselves in the region. 

Dummy is best known for his time in Overwatch where he played under big organizations like Team Liquid and NRG Esports, he would later transition to Apex Legends where he represented Gen.G. In 2020 Dummy decided to pursue VALORANT. In March 2022 he would be signed by Zeal Esports, but released in April together with the rest of the roster. Dummy looks to show he is still a top player in esports.

arcKite and Kimmy both come from the Fortnite scene, both players are well known in the VALORANT scene. 
arcKite joined INSOMNIA in November of 2021 but would later be released, he recently played with a PUG team during the Knights Circuit Monthly April together with former Balanced Esports player Angel “Boltzy” and former Knights player Ronald “Ronaldo” Mach. 
Kimmy, formerly known as Crosshair, started his VALORANT journey on many Free Agent rosters, until March of this year when he would sign with Zeal Esports, who unfortunately let go of their roster right before the next VCT qualifiers. 

Guin started his esports journey in Counter-Strike, where he played for Team Reapers and DeTaNator. During his time in Counter-Strike, Guin came 1st at IEM Sydney East Asia Qualifiers, top 4 at Extremesland 2017 Japan Regional Finals (tourney MVP) and top 4 at CBCS Season 2. He switched to VALORANT where he most notably coached Hexad in Japan. 
Yoshii started competing under SE Atlas where he found the most success, he would later join Lightspeed Esports for a short period until he was released. He’s since been a stand-in for Fallen5.

Westception will be

  • arcKite
  • dummy
  • guin
  • Kimmy
  • Yoshii
  • PirateFlag (Head coach)
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