Sources: Keyd Stars is in early discussions to sell Heat later this year

According to multiple sources, Keyd Stars have been in very early discussions with other organizations to potentially sell Olavo “heat” Marcelo later this year. He will still play for Keyd Stars for the upcoming qualifiers, but they are looking at options for later this year. 

Heat started his VALORANT journey on the free agent roster DELIRAWOW, he would later join Havan Liberty. During his time one Havan Liberty, Heat got the attention of Keyd Stars who were building a VALORANT roster for the upcoming VCT season. They went on to qualify for Masters 3 in Berlin, where Heat showed the world his value with his flashy gameplay. After Masters Berlin, multiple North American and European organizations showed interest in the young prodigy, but Vivo Keyd closed all negotiations.

After they didn’t get to qualify for Masters Reykjavik in 2022, Keyd Stars have begun rebuilding parts of their roster. Players like Gabriel “v1xen” Martins and Jonathan “JhoW” Glória have been benched and multiple people have reported that INGAMING player Matheus “RgLM” Rodigoli will take V1xen’s place on the active roster. The fifth player has not been confirmed. Heat will still be playing with the roster.

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