Sources: Renegades looking to acquire free agent roster BOBO

According to multiple sources, Detroit-based esports organization Renegades is looking to acquire the Australian free agent roster BOBO to compete in the Oceania Tours: Championship in the OCE region. BOBO is currently the second-highest-rated roster in OCE after getting second place during Oceania Tours: Stage 2.

For many organizations, OCE has become a hot spot to look for a roster as of recently, Renegades aren’t the only ones scouting players in OCE. Multiple sources have told that Kansas City-based esports organization Kansas City Pioneers (Also known as KCP) has also been in contact with OCE free agents.

Renegades entered VALORANT back in July 2020 signing the Big Frames roster which included Berghy, Cp2, Nurfed, RandyySavage and WinsumRenegades were one of the first organizations to sign a roster in VALORANT in North America.

Over the two years in VALORANT, Renegades have won multiple tournaments. Unfortunately, while they always looked like one of the scariest rosters in North AmericaRenegades never found their footing against some of the bigger teams in North America. Eventually, the organizations decided to let go of their North American.

Renegades was founded in 2015, the organization has teams competing in Call of DutyCounter-StrikeFortniteRocket League, Apex Legends and Paladins. The organization is best known for their Australian roster in Counter-Strike which was recently sold to Melbourne-based esports organization ORDER

BOBO started off as Bonkers, where they won Stage 1 of Oceania Tours, which qualified them for VCT APAC Stage 1 playoffs. The roster found a victory against Vietnam-based esports organization Fancy United Esports but lost twice against Persija Esports.

The roster decided to split up after VCT APAC where eventually Tixx, Nozz and Skrawl went on to make a new free agent roster BOBO. The team went on to get to the Grand Finals and almost play a second time in VCT APAC playoffs, unfortunately, the team could not beat ORDER in the grand finals. During the preparations for Oceania Tours, Tixx announced he will be taking a break from the team to travel Europe, former Legacy Esports player Nicehacks joined as Tixx’ stand-in.

Renegades will be:

  • Nozz
  • tixx (Inactive)
  • signed
  • Skrawl
  • Nicehacks (Stand-in)
  • Exirst (Substitute

  • Senpai (Coach)
  • Sword (Coach)
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