Sources: Team PWR actively scouting players in VALORANT

According to multiple sources, popular Australian esports organization Team PWR is actively scouting teams and players for the upcoming VCT season. The organization is currently looking to sign OCE talent, although two sources have informed us that they are also looking at other regions such as SEA and NA. 

Founded in June of 2020 by popular Australian influencer Lachlan Power, Team PWR is one of the newest esports organizations in Australia. The organization has popular players in Fortnite and Rocket League. The organization quickly rose to become one of the most popular esports organizations in Australia, with Lachlan as the face of the organization. Team PWR currently has over 1 million YouTube subscribers, 200k on Twitter, and 850k on Tiktok.

Team PWR is primarily a content organization, but they take competition into account too. Team PWR found that with VALORANT being a new but popular market, it was the perfect next step for the organization. Although no roster has been picked up by the organization yet, many sources do confirm that they are committed to VALORANT, with the only big problem for the organization being how they can turn a profit with VALORANT. This is one of the major reasons they haven’t picked up a roster yet. They are very much focused on a content-based roster, which is hard to find in VALORANT. Two free-agent rosters in OCE have been of high interest to Team PWR. 

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